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Social Media Policy for Your Nanny

Do You Need a Social Media Policy for Your Nanny?

Does your nanny have a smartphone addiction? Not only can this impact his or her productivity, but it could put your family at risk. If your nanny posts your children's location or other personal details on social media, it could end up in the wrong hands of kidnappers or cybercriminals. Here's how to create a social media policy to keep your family safe.

  • Check privacy settings

    Encourage staff and family members to regularly check their privacy settings on Facebook and other sites to ensure that only acquaintances receive their updates.

  • Opt out of location services

    Ask your family employees to disable settings on social media that automatically tag their posts with a location and prohibit them from "checking in" to a location.

  • Don't let criminals know you're away from home

    When criminals know you're not home, they may be more likely to attempt a burglary. Train your nanny to never post about upcoming vacations, especially specific details such as the dates of travel.

  • Avoid posting comments about your family

    Ask your nanny to talk to you about any personal concerns he or she may have, rather than posting about them on the Internet.

  • Be careful with personal information

    Encourage your staff to avoid posting anything related to you or your family on social media, including posting images of children. This may include asking them not to use your name or post personal information such as birthdays, ages, etc.

Evaluate Your Cyber Risk With Tower Street Insurance

Cyber laws have not caught up with the times in many locations, which is why it's important it's essential to have insurance coverage should you become a victim. Whether it's an accidental post that causes damage to your reputation or a purposeful attack, we have policies to help protect you. Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management provides the most trusted insurance services for cyber liability policies in Dallas, Southlake, Westlake, McKinney, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other cities we serve throughout Texas as well as bordering states. For more information, call972-472-2040 or contact us online.

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