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Business Interruption Insurance in Dallas & Frisco, TX

Business interruption insurance covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. The income loss stems from a temporary closing of the business in the wake of a disaster. Business interruption insurance covers the revenue that would have been earned if the disaster didn't happen. With this kind of coverage in place, your cash flow is protected while you try to restore your property and return to normal operations.

The funds you receive from business interruption insurance will cover your operational costs for the time your business is down so you won’t have to dig into your company’s savings to pay for everything. When you need our help with business interruption insurance or other commercial liability insurance issues in DallasFort WorthFriscoHouston, and other cities that we serve, please give us a call at 972-472-2040 to learn more about our services.

Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance in Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston

Business Interruption Insurance

For small and large businesses alike, business interruption insurance has always been an important coverage option. With uncertain operating environments looming on the horizon because of Covid-19 issues, it is now more important than ever for business owners to understand the benefits of business interruption insurance.

Some of the primary benefits of carrying business interruption insurance include:

  • Business Interruption Insurance Can Compensate You for Lost Revenue: The objective of business interruption insurance is to ensure that a temporary halt in your operations does not lead to permanent closure. Business interruption insurance compensates you for revenue lost as a result of property damage that closes the office. You can file a claim when you've lost business or revenue due to physical damage to your property that includes flooding, fire damage, hurricane damage, and more. For example: If you operate a farm and your damaged tractor is out of commission for a month while parts are on order, you can instigate a claim for lost revenue.
  • Enables You to Keep or Relocate Your Office: Even when your office is physically closed because of damage, you still must pay your rent or lease during this time. For many businesses, this can be a disaster. With business interruption insurance, however, you can use a portion of your claim amount to cover rent or lease expenses. You will be able to keep your lease and your office as a result of this. If circumstances force you to relocate, business interruption insurance can help with that, too. The money you get can pay for the first month's rent at your new location.
  • Helping Hand For Paying Taxes: A downturn in business revenues does not prevent you from paying taxes. When you need to remit any taxes that are due from a more profitable stretch, business interruption insurance can help. You may be able to use your payout to settle tax debt.
  • Pay Your Employees With Business Interruption Coverage Pay Your Employees: During a shutdown, many business owners are concerned about not being able to pay their employees. One of the purposes of business interruption insurance is to allow you to pay your workers their salaries and wages, even if your business is on a temporary hiatus. This ensures that you can retain your employees when you are ready to re-open.
  • Covid-19 Disruption Assistance: With the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses around the world have been affected by extensive disruptions. This has triggered enormous financial losses, as well as economic and personal hardships for many employers and employees. With business disruption insurance, we provide financial help to weather the pandemic, including costs related to property damage, liability claims, or a loss of income.

In addition to business interruption insurance, we have commercial insurance coverages for directors & officers, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial risk management service, client advocacy, and much more!

Rely on Tower Street for the Best Business Interruption Insurance in Dallas, Austin, & Plano

Typically, a business owner may not realize how much he or she needs business interruption insurance until disaster strikes. When you really need it, this insurance can mean the difference between surviving and going out of business. Tower Street can provide a wide variety of business interruption insurance options for customers in AllenAustin, Dallas, Plano, San Antonio, Southlake, and other cities that we serve. When you need our help with business interruption insurance, call us today at 972-472-2040 for more information, or click here to get started on a new policy!

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