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Crime Insurance in DFW

Special Coverage for lack of work place integrity

Unfortunately, criminal activity and employee dishonesty may occur anywhere-anytime. As a company owner, it can be difficult to determine if the workers you recruit are a good candidate for the job, and the consequences can be severe by the time you learn the facts.

Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management will assist the organization in creating a strategy to secure its properties in the event of such an incident. You can find our service at AllenAustinDallasPlanoSan AntonioSouthlakeWestlake and surrounding areas. 

At Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management, we can help your business develop a plan that keeps your assets protected in the event of such a specific circumstance. With Crime Insurance, your policy can include coverage for various situations, such as:

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Since your commercial crime coverage has drawbacks, you can closely explore your options with Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management to determine what kind of protection your company requires based on your present circumstances and future risks.

Don't let an unethical employee cause you to loss valuable data or money. With Crime Insurance from Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management, you can keep your company healthy.

Importance of Crime Insurance in DFW

Crime insurance protects not only physical property burglary, but also financial theft such as bribery, siphoning off cash, and false invoicing. This kinds of incidents pose a major danger to companies. This is particularly true as commercial activities get more complex and technological advances expand the opportunities for sophisticated schemes and frauds.

One significant advantage of business crime policies is that insurers also have advice or assistance to help minimize the chances of experiencing a crime in the first place. Alternatively, if a crime of this nature happens at your business, insurers can include specialist inspectors to help locate the perpetrators (and reduce the risk of repeat offenses).

Trust on Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management for Crime Insurance in DFW

Employee dishonesty is a part of life in all the best-managed businesses, and it can be expensive. A fraud scheme conducted by a "trusted" employee could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. And if the company performs new-hire background checks, hires fraud monitoring technology, divides financial roles, and educates staff about how to detect fraud, it can be exposed.

Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management is devoted to protecting the financial wellbeing of companies in DFW. Our brokers have gained a trustworthy reputation for sourcing the right insurance policies from major insurers and tailoring these policy choices to your company's needs, schedule, and scale.

We will help you protect your company's financial properties, including earnings, inventory, and benefits package, with strong financial controls and a robust Crime Insurance package, to ensure continuity and shared confidence between you and the people you rely on the most to help you realize your vision.

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