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OCIP & CCIP Wrap Programs in Dallas-Fort Worth

In recent years, there has been a growing number of concerns about the use of owner-controlled insurance plans (OCIPs) and contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIPS) within the construction industry. OCIP and CCIP policies are also known as "wrap-up" or "wrapped" insurance plans.

The standard insurance strategy necessitates that each group must obtain and retain different coverage. In most cases, the contractor and subcontractor provide the cost of protection, plus a markup, in their job bids. Typically, liability is then moved downstream, from owners to general contractors and then to subcontractors, through contractual indemnifications, contractually defined minimum insurance mandates, and additional insured clauses.

Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management will assist you in protecting yourself from nonpayment in the event you have a job-related claim. We will assist you with protecting the liabilities, whether the nonpayment is due to insolvency or a customer's failure or unwillingness to pay under the terms of a contract for employers and employees in AllenAustinDallasPlanoSan Antonio, and other cities we serve. For more information, call us at 972-472-2040 or click here to get begin creating your custom policy.

Benefits of a Wrap-Up Program

Wrap-up programs can provide a number of benefits, including the following:

OCIP and CCIP Wrap Programs
  • Potential cost savings: Wrap-up plans are meant to minimize total insurance rates by offering volume incentives for the entire project.
  • Consolidated coverage: The project owner and general contractor will set minimum insurance conditions for downstream members in the standard approach, under which individuals obtain their own insurance. Wrap-up systems give the governing body more say about boundaries of coverage that vendors and subcontractors have secured to meet appropriate limits of coverage.
  • Higher requirements: The majority of wrap-up plans have very high coverage requirements. If the project is protected by a wrap-up program, the cap should be appropriate to cover the event in case of an accident without bankrupting the owner or general contractor. 
  • Centralized safety and risk control: Program sponsors may maintain centralized safety and risk management services in cooperation with their brokers, insurers, and safety practitioners. This will reduce the extent and seriousness of lawsuits from physical loss, decreasing project insurance rates.
  • Efficient claims processing: Because a single insurer is in charge of handling claims, the process is more efficient under wrap-up systems.
  • Reduced conflicts among insured parties: Wrap-up plans protect both parties on a project under a single policy, mitigating coverage disputes and subrogation problems between insureds and insurance providers for covered claims that arise on the project.
  • Access to contracts: Wrap-up services provide vendors and subcontractors with access to projects they would not have been able to adequately ensure otherwise.
  • Flexible coverage: Because wrap-up plans can feature several forms of coverage for a variety of entities, program sponsors often inherit logistical responsibilities. Sponsors must review and authorize program papers, consult with underwriters, and review claims in addition to buying the wrap-up program.

Although wrap-up plans often result in cost savings, they are susceptible to price volatility. Future expense benefits must be weighed to help you determine your risk control plan.

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For years, Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management has been meeting and exceeding the needs of business owners and employees with OCIP & CCIP policies, as well as other commercial insurance coverage options in AustinDallasPlanoSan Antonio, and other cities we serve. To learn more, call us at 972-472-2040 or click here to create your custom policy today. We offer commercial policies for directors & officersworkers’ compensationcyber liabilitycommercial risk management services, and client advocacy.


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