Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Aerial View of Polluted City to Clear Skies

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

As the construction industry has been on fire, contractors face a wide range of risks, including pollution exposures of any size and from a greater variety of sources. Most contractors do not consider pollution risk. A pollution incident or loss can seriously damage a contractor’s operations, balance sheet, and even reputation.

Pollution insurance coverage is also very complicated. The policies are written on manuscript forms, so it is very important that details and coverages are discussed to make sure the pollution insurance policy fits your company’s exposure.

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Contractors Pollution Liability in Dallas

Tower Street Insurance has access to many Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) Policies which offer solutions specifically developed for contractors, which helps prevent gaps in coverage due to pollution-related exclusions on standard commercial general liability programs. Tower Street’s Pollution Insurance policies are available for contractors on a practice, project specific, or excess basis. There are many options for pollution insurance coverage. Make sure coverage is customized. Most agents lack experience placing this coverage.

Aerial View of Factory Letting Out Pollution
Polluting Tower During Sunset

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Contractors Pollution Insurance Options

Coverage can be tailored for contractors of any size.

Policy types available include practice, project (including OCIP, CCIP, Green and Healthcare), and follow-form excess

Coverage for domestic and U.S.-based multinational services abroad

Potential environmental losses for work performed by or on behalf of named insured

No policy exclusions for construction defects or water intrusion

Claims-made and reported or occurrence triggers available depending on risk

Built-in completed operations coverage on occurrence form

Practice/project policy-specific placements (practice policy up to two years/project-specific construction policy period plus completed ops: terms available up to 17 years)

Sudden and accidental and non-sudden/gradual pollution events

Transportation coverage included

Silt, soil and sedimentation built into the definition of pollution condition

Built-in coverage for emergency

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Response Costs & Disposal Site Coverage

Response Costs:

    • Emergency response timeline 7 days
    • Mold coverage
    • Legionella coverage
    • Occurrence based non-owned


Disposal Site Coverage:

    • Owned or leased locations coverage
    • Catastrophe management coverage
    • Defense outside the limits available
    • Owned site coverage for contractor’s owned/leased locations available
    • Loss includes civil fines, penalties and punitive damages
    • No jurisdiction and venue or choice of law provisions
    • Pollution definition includes illicit abandonment


Dark Brown Sky With Polluting Tower In Foreground
Factory with Pollution Clouds

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Deductibles & Limit Options for Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

Minimum self-insured retention: $2,500

Minimum premium: $1,500

Capacity available up to $25 million per/aggregate limit, inclusive of legal defense costs

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Which Industries Should Consider Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance?



Education (Pre-K through 12, higher education)


Heavy highway/bridge



Public Entity


Mixed use/residential




Mountain View of Polluted City
Tower Street Insurance

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage

Why Choose Tower Street Insurance for your Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should partner with Tower Street Insurance for your Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance needs:

Partner with best pollution carriers with financial stability (rated AA- by Standard & Poor’s and A+ by A.M. Best)

Tower Street Insurance is licensed in 50 states. We are committed to our high standards, and we can provide unmatched expertise in more than 170 countries.

Option to tailor coverage, such as project excess requirements

Experienced agents underwriting specialists across the U.S. with underwriters across the U.S.

Specialized claims and risk control expertise

Broad range of services available through national and international network of best-in-class engineering consultants, including environmental risk control experts from ESIS, Inc.®

Long-term tail coverage/completed operations available on project placements

Thought leadership that addresses the complexities of domestic and global pollution insurance

Valued long-term relationship

Tower Street Insurance specializes in environmental and pollution insurance coverage for customers in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Southlake, and other cities that we serve throughout Texas. We also offer insurance coverage for directors & officers, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial risk management service, and client advocacy. When you need our help, give Tower Street Insurance a call at 469-788-8888 or click here to make an appointment today.



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