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Save up to 40% on your business insurance. We analyze your current insurance policies to get you complete coverage at the best price

Protect Your Business & Employees

At Tower Street Insurance, we specialize in providing top-level service and coverage to construction clients. Representing the majority of carriers in the industry, we work with you to find the most competitive and broadest protection possible for your company.

Our Professional Strategy

We accomplish this by doing a full analysis of your current insurance program by looking through every endorsement on your current policy, the contracts you have in place and the unique exposures presented by your operations. No matter what you’re passionate about, we’re here to protect your passion. And we’re passionate about protecting your business and your family.

Full Analysis - 100% Risk Free

We take the time to breakdown your current policy and identify the unique risks that are present in your business. We handle the risk management to make your insurance simplier.

About Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management

At Tower Street Insurance, we specialize in providing top-level service and coverage to our clients across multiple industries and high net worth families.

We represent the best commercial property & casualty insurance carriers in the industry, and we work with you to find the most competitive and broadest protection possible for your company. Our approach to personal risk management parallels that of our commercial client’s experience. We understand that influential and successful families often have assets and liabilities that exceed those of a business. Tower Street Insurance is here to serve as a trusted advisor to each family while we protect your home, auto, valuables, and more.

Our Partners Within the Construction Industry

Residential Builders

Institutional and Commercial Builders

Specialized Industrial Construction

Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

Commercial General Contractors

Construction Managers

Civil and Safety Engineers


Trade Contractors Workers Compensation Employee Theft Excess Liability Tower Street Insurance

General Liability

General Liability

We help you cover the cost of defending yourself against accusations in court, as well as pay for judgments and out-of-court settlements up to the limits of your coverage. Our team can help you determine how much general liability coverage you may need to protect your financial assets against loss.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation pays for employee medical bills and wage compensation due to workplace injuries, regardless of fault. It is necessary for all businesses that hire one or more employees, regardless of industry. Without it, you could face legal consequences, as well as tremendous financial liabilities if an employee sues you for compensation of damages.

Employee Theft

Employee Theft

You cannot prevent employee theft, even with thorough background checks. You can, however, minimize your vulnerabilities to fraud, forgery, and third-party damages by purchasing special trade contractor insurance.

Excess Liability (Commercial Umbrella Coverage)

Excess Liability (Commercial Umbrella Coverage)

Don’t take chances with your business by under-insuring yourself. Consider purchasing commercial umbrella insurance to provide additional liability protection when a major lawsuit drains the available coverage in your primary liability insurance policy. Umbrella policies can provide millions of dollars in added protection to cover legal fees, judgments, settlements, and more.

Unique Construction Coverage Considerations

Have your current agent discussed the following issues with you?

Damage to Work Performed by Subcontractors on Your Behalf or Damage to Previous Work

Contingent Business Interruption – Supply Chain Issues

Contracts – Waiver of Subrogation and Indemnification

Recent litigation trends against contractors for job site safety and injuries

Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value on materials

Policy Inclusions

With some of our partner carriers you may be eligible for the following comprehensive coverage and significant capacity across all lines of business offered to the construction market:

Property – up to $500M in limits

General Liability – $1M, can increase based on risk

Business Auto – $1M, can increase based on risk

Workers Compensation – Statutory limits

Umbrella & Excess – Up to $50M

Errors & Omissions (E&O) – $10M

Cyber – $10M

Installation/Builder’s Risk – Up to $500M in Limits

Scheduled Contractor’s Equipment

Products/Completed Operations

Professional Liability

Contact Our Construction Industry Team

At Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management, we provide insurance that covers your physical assets and financial liabilities for many different risks and scenarios in specialized industries. From the building to the equipment and the workers, we find coverage that fits your needs and your price point.

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