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Save up to 40% on your business insurance. We analyze your current insurance policies to get you complete coverage at the best price

Protect Your Business & Employees

At Tower Street Insurance, we specialize in providing top-level service and coverage to manufacturing clients. Representing the majority of carriers in the industry, we work with you to find the most competitive and broadest protection possible for your company.

Our Professional Strategy

We accomplish this by doing a full analysis of your current insurance program by looking through every endorsement on your current policy, the contracts you have in place and the unique exposures presented by your operations. No matter what you’re passionate about, we’re here to protect your passion. And we’re passionate about protecting your business and your family.

Mitigating Manufacturing Risks: Our manufacturing insurance policies cover a wide spectrum of risks, from equipment breakdowns to labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. We understand that manufacturing companies require robust protection for their business property, automated processes, and company vehicles.

Manufacturing Liability Insurance: Liability is a significant concern for the manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing liability insurance helps protect against product liability, physical damage, and other potential losses that can arise during manufacturing operations.

Full Analysis - 100% Risk Free

We take the time to breakdown your current policy and identify the unique risks that are present in your business. We handle the risk management to make your insurance simplier.

About Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management

At Tower Street Insurance, we specialize in providing top-level service and coverage to our clients across multiple industries and high net worth families.

We represent the best commercial property & casualty insurance carriers in the industry, and we work with you to find the most competitive and broadest protection possible for your company. Our approach to personal risk management parallels that of our commercial client’s experience. We understand that influential and successful families often have assets and liabilities that exceed those of a business. Tower Street Insurance is here to serve as a trusted advisor to each family while we protect your home, auto, valuables, and more.

Our Partnerships Within the Industry

Understanding Manufacturing Insurance Costs: We provide transparent information about manufacturing insurance costs, helping you make informed decisions about your coverage options. Our goal is to offer manufacturers insurance at a cost that aligns with the financial strength of your business.

Commercial Insurance for Diverse Manufacturing Sectors: Whether you specialize in wood products, rubber products, or any other manufacturing sector, our commercial insurance solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you are in the business of manufacturing any item, then you should look into getting insurance for your business. Some examples of manufacturing businesses that fall into this manufacturing category include:

Apparel and Clothing

Canning & Meat Packing

Book Publishing, Magazines, & Printing

Comptuers, Electronics, Tools, & Hardware

Cabinet Making

Candy Making

Sign Fabrication & Electrical Signage

Household Goods, Greeting Cards, Paper, & Plastics

Grain Refining, Food Refining, & Frozen Foods

Manufacturing Insurance Computer Electronics Signage Apparel Clothing Canning Book Publishing Casket Making Food Refining Tower Street Insurance Risk Management

Insurance for Manufacturing Industries

The ever-expanding manufacturing business incorporates a range of trades, each with its own set of specialties, talents, and, of course, dangers. And, whether you own a textile mill or a corner bakery, you need business insurance coverage that is suited to your company and the products it produces when it comes to risks.

Fortunately, our independent insurance agents are here to eliminate the hassle of searching on your own by walking you through a hand-picked selection of top insurance policies to cover both your business and your employees. Along with our specialized insurance services, you’ll have access to our online risk management resources. They focus on the risks businesses like yours face, providing you safety strategies to help you control losses and avoid claims.

  • Business Income Coverage and Product Recall: Our manufacturer insurance policy includes business income coverage to safeguard against income loss due to business interruption. Additionally, we offer coverage for product recalls, an essential aspect of risk control in today’s manufacturing landscape.
  • Customized Coverage for Every Manufacturing Facility: Each manufacturing facility has its unique risks and requirements. Our insurance solutions are customized to address these individual coverages, ensuring comprehensive protection for your manufacturing business.

Custom Manufacturing Insurance Programs

Safety and risk management can help make your manufacturing business stronger when you use the most effective approaches and technologies. Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management has you covered.

Wide Range of Coverage Options: From general liability insurance to commercial auto insurance and workers compensation, our insurance policies are designed to provide extensive protection. This ensures your employees, customers, and resources are safeguarded against various risks.

Risk Management and Claims Support: Our team of experts provides risk management advice to help you stay ahead of potential issues. In the event of a claim, our dedicated claims services ensure prompt and efficient resolution.

Our experts design custom insurance and risk management programs for manufacturers of steel, paperboard boxes, skincare treatments, boats, agricultural equipment, and dozens of others. Our team’s approach:

Acquire Deep Knowledge of Your Fixed Assets, Property, Systems, Equipment, and Raw Materials

Analyze Their Impact To Determine Your Firm’s Unique Insurance and Risk Management Needs

Use Our Market Expertise To Help You Plan for and Avoid Potential Losses and Liabilities

Guide You Through the Process of Mitigating Risk Across Your Operations

Contact Our Manufacturing Team

Tower Street Insurance specializes in manufacturing insurance coverage for customers throughout the US. We also offer insurance coverage for directors & officers, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial risk management service, and client advocacy.

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