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Independent Directorship Insurance Services

Independent directors sometimes want additional insurance coverage for themselves in business ventures. This coverage is above and beyond the Directors & Officers (D&O) liability insurance coverage that they share with the company’s officers. Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management is the first choice of Independent Directors for Independent Directorship insurance services in DallasSouthlakeWestlakeMcKinneyAustinSan AntonioHouston, and other cities we serve throughout Texas.

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Importance of Independent Directorship Insurance

An Independent Director is an individual who is a director (member) of the board of directors without material or pecuniary relationship with the company or related persons. This person’s role is to provide independent oversight and constructive challenge to the executive directors.

Independent Directorship

As a practical matter, when management commits fraud, one of the parties that management is trying to trick is the independent director group; directors are rarely invited to participate in the fraud. Thus, independent directors may feel vulnerable to being subject to potentially very bad outcomes that are not in their control.

Protection from Litigation Liability

Due to the fact that it’s the officers who are likely to be the primary object of litigation or enforcement actions, independent directors may be concerned that in the course of normal events, the officers will have very high legal bills. Also, Independent Directors may be concerned that the regular D&O insurance limits will be drained before directors—who may also need to defend themselves—ever get to use the limits.

To protect oneself from these and other possible undesirable outcomes, Independent Directorship Insurance is very crucial and Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management is always at your service to provide with the relevant necessities.

Independent Directorship

Personal Risk Management Services by Tower Street Insurance

We understand that choosing a risk management solution involves more than simply obtaining coverage, so we go beyond offering policies backed by the best insurance companies in the business. We listen to specific needs, build solid relationships, and take the time to walk each client through all aspects of their personalized insurance plan. After the plan is in place, we continue to serve as an on-call partner devoted to our clients’ risk management success year-round.

Why Choose Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management?

Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management was established to provide the most effective solutions to manage your commercial and personal risks. Our mission is to preserve and protect the future of successful businesses and families through customized risk management and advocacy solutions. We believe in understanding your past in order to provide you with better protection for your future.

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