Builder’s Risk Insurance

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Builder’s Risk Insurance

Comprehensive Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance, also known as construction insurance, protects both the building’s owner and the construction team during building or renovation in case of theft, fire, storm or other loss and includes the materials, fixtures and/or equipment before or after installation. Normally this type of policy is purchased by the construction company but home or business owners often take out policies themselves to ensure they are adequately covered.

Tower Street Insurance has had years of experience helping businesses and individuals find the right policy when it comes to builder’s risk insurance. We have a team of professionals that can review and evaluate your property at a moment’s notice and give you a fair assessment.

Builder’s risk insurance, or construction insurance, isn’t merely a policy; it’s a financial instrument that safeguards your investment in growth and innovation. 

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Exemptions, Exclusions, and Other Things You Need to Know

As industry leaders, we recognize that executives like you prioritize strategic risk mitigation. That’s why we go beyond standard policies—our builder’s risk insurance cost includes analyzing your project’s unique financial interests, ensuring broad protection that aligns with your company’s financial stability.

Your property’s location and potential weather conditions need to be considered whenever purchasing a new policy. For example, if you have a property by the ocean or gulf, you may need an endorsement added for hurricane damage since only wind is covered in a standard policy.

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Builder’s Risk Insurance

Protection Against Common and Unique Risks

Our builder’s risk policy encompasses a wide range of risks including, but not limited to, employee theft, natural disasters, and mechanical breakdowns. We also address common exclusions and provide options for coverage extensions, ensuring that your project is insured against both common and unique challenges.

Employee theft
Sewer and drain back-up problems
Blueprint & plan protection
Mechanical breakdown
Government action
The termination of your contract with your builder or contractor
Debris removal from a construction or renovation site

IMPORTANT NOTE – These policies also do not cover the loss of or damage to equipment or tools. You may also need a special coverage extension for losses and damage that may occur while construction materials are in transit and when these are in temporary storage facilities.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Customized Coverage for Every Construction Phase

Whether you’re renovating an existing building or embarking on new construction, our policies are tailored to cover different risks, from property damage during construction to debris removal post-completion. We’ll guide you in choosing coverage limits that reflect your project’s total completed value and your financial stake in its success.

Construction projects are dynamic, and so are our insurance solutions. We offer 3-, 6-, and 12-month policy terms with the flexibility of extensions to account for construction delays or changes in state building codes, providing coverage that adapts as your project evolves.

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Builder’s Risk Insurance

Contact Us Today for a Builder’s Risk Insurance Quote

To find out what other benefits you might need as part of your builder’s risk insurance, call us today at 972-472-2040 or contact us via our form to have one of our agents call you. Our trusted team can help you determine what kind of term is ideal for you and what policy extensions are needed for your specific project.



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