Captive Insurance

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Captive Insurance

Captive Insurance Policies in DFW, Houston, & San Antonio

Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management has been supporting clients in Dallas-Fort Worth and other Texas cities to find their own game-changing investment platform by operating their own insurance firms. A captive insurance firm typically provides a parent company or entities with more efficient risk control and casualty insurance coverage than other options.

Types of Captives: We offer various captive structures, including pure captive insurance companies, group captives, and association captives. Each type serves different purposes, from a pure captive serving a single parent company to a group captive providing a risk-sharing platform for companies in the same industry.

Emerging Risks and Custom Solutions: Captive insurance is ideal for managing emerging risks that traditional insurers may not cover. Our captive insurance solutions are designed to provide coverage tailored to the unique risk management needs of your business.

Getting a captive insurance provider helps business owners to meet the following wants and needs more effectively:

Improve asset protection
Accelerate wealth accumulation
Facilitate estate transfer to future generations
Reduce insurance costs
Improve risk management and insurance protection
Experience tax savings
Provide an alternative to non-qualified retirement or deferred compensation plan
Provide golden handcuffs or golden parachutes
Facilitate buy-sell, buy-inn, or buy-out arrangements
Provide an alternative to qualified retirement plans

When you want to set up a captive insurance firm for your company in Austin, Dallas, Plano, San Antonio, and other Texas cities that we serve, give us a call at 972-472-2040 or click here to set up an appointment with the agents at Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management.

Captive Insurance

Advantages of Captive Insurance

Customized Risk Transfer: Captive insurance companies are an excellent way for parent companies to manage their own risk. As a licensed insurance company, a captive insurer can provide insurance for a parent company or group of companies, offering direct access to reinsurance markets.

Benefits of Choosing Captive Insurance: By owning a captive insurance company, businesses gain significant tax advantages, better cash flow management, and the ability to cover risks that may be uninsurable in the traditional market. This includes everything from general liability to workers compensation. 

In its purest form, a captive insurance firm is a corporation formed by its shareholders solely to insure the risks of its parent and/or subsidiaries. Captive insurance has a number of benefits over private insurance:

The insurance with rare or catastrophic risks, as well as a variety of minor risks.
Direct access to the wholesale reinsurance industry is provided.
Risk assessment has improved, as has awareness of the cost of risk.
Premiums are based on the insured’s past claims history.
Profit from the investment yield on premiums retained.
The group’s retention of the surplus of net premiums over claims.
Among the tax advantages, the cost of insurance premiums is deductible when calculating earnings.
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Captive Insurance

Trust Tower Street to Set Up Your Captive Insurance Firm in DFW

Tax and Financial Advantages: The premiums paid to a captive insurer are often tax deductible, offering significant tax benefits under the Internal Revenue Code. Captives allow businesses to retain underwriting profits and control costs more effectively than traditional insurance companies.

Risk Management and Control: Captives offer an enhanced level of control over insurance policies, claims, and risk management strategies. This allows businesses to manage risks in a way that aligns with their specific goals and risk appetite.

For years, Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management has been helping business owners maximize profits by making suggestions based on our realistic experience on a “best practice” operating model to suit your insurance needs, in Austin, Dallas, Plano, San Antonio, and other cities we serve. Setting up a captive insurance firm may be part of that process for your company. To learn more about captive insurance or other commercial insurance coverage options that we provide, call us at 972-472-2040 or click here to set up an appointment. We offer commercial policies for directors & officersworkers’ compensationcyber liability, and commercial risk management services.

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