Premises Pollution Insurance Coverage

Aerial View of Polluted City to Clear Skies

Premises Pollution Insurance Coverage

Premises Pollution Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Businesses of all sizes and types face new and often unrecognized environmental risks from their daily transactions. In addition, many more business operations are subject to continually evolving environmental laws and regulations. It is difficult to keep up with the EDA’s daily evolution. Even environmentally conscious businesses may not recognize the full extent of the risks that their daily operations may entail or if those environmental exposures are specifically covered under a general liability policy.

Most general liability policies have a standard exclusion for pollution risk. Whether your company is concerned about clean-up or third-party liability coverage, you should work with an agency and underwriters that can accommodate your business’s pollution insurance needs.

Premises Pollution Insurance Coverage

Examples of Customers We Have Partnered With:

Tower Street Environmental Risk professionals understand that environmental liabilities can impact almost any business operation. We specialize in brokering pollution insurance of premises pollution insurance products, which can be structured to offer residential, commercial, retail, agricultural, and industrial property owners, managers, and operators a broad range of pollution liability protection for gradual, as well as sudden and accidental, first-party and third-party environmental liabilities to help manage future, potentially unforeseen pollution exposures.


    • Premises Pollution Liability (PPL) Policy types available include PPL and PPL Portfolio
    • Industry-specific endorsements to provide unique coverages for healthcare, public entities/education and multinational businesses
    • Coverage for domestic and U.S.-based multinational companies
    • Admitted local policies outside of the U.S. can be placed as part of a master U.S. program
    • Owned, operated, managed, leased, or maintained locations coverage may be available on a blanket basis by endorsement
    • Broad definition of pollution conditions including illicit abandonment and medical, redbag, infectious and pathological wastes
    • Indoor environmental conditions coverage, including fungi and legionella pneumophila
    • Third-party property damage coverage including natural resource damages
    • Built-in coverage for emergency response costs
Polluting Tower During Sunset
Aerial View of Factory Letting Out Pollution

Premises Pollution Insurance Coverage

Deductibles and Limits

Minimum self-insured retention: $10,000

PPL minimum premium: $5,000

PPL port minimum premium: $10,000

Capacity available up to $25 million per/aggregate limit, inclusive of legal defense costs

Premises Pollution Insurance Coverage

Industries who Should Consider Premises Pollution Insurance

Most industries have some type of environmental risk. The list of industries below should consider commercial insurance coverage:

    • Agriculture
    • Chemical/petroleum storage
    • Commercial
    • Education (Pre-K through 12, higher education)
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Mixed use/residential
    • Public entity
    • Quarrying
    • Real estate
    • Recreation
    • Renewable energy
    • Research and development
    • Retail
    • Warehousing and distribution


Dark Brown Sky With Polluting Tower In Foreground
Long Pipe Going Across Water Towards Factory In the Distance
Environmental & Pollution

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Tower Street Insurance specializes in environmental and pollution insurance coverage for customers in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Southlake, and other cities that we serve throughout Texas. We also offer insurance coverage for directors & officers, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial risk management service, and client advocacy. When you need our help, give Tower Street Insurance a call at 469-788-8888 or click here to make an appointment today.



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