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Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance

protect Your Payment Processing Business

Payment processing companies operate at the center of innovation and risk, handling vast quantities of data daily. They face unique challenges in protecting data against evolving cyber threats. Ensuring comprehensive documentation, encryption, and security measures for such extensive data transactions poses a considerable risk management and insurance challenge.

At Tower Street Insurance, we have the experience to guide your payment processing business through the complexities of securing cyber and technology liability insurance. 

Our customized Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance solution designed to address the needs of Payment Processors is ranked as the best in the industry. This unique insurance offering not only protects your operations from digital risks but also complies with the regulatory frameworks governing the financial industry.

Payment processors play a role in the commerce landscape. By facilitating transactions between merchants and financial institutions they ensure commerce flow across sectors and countries. However this pivotal function exposes payment processors to a range of cyber and technological risks. Incidents like data breaches, system malfunctions and compliance breaches can disrupt operations lead to setbacks and damage trust, with partners and clients.

Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance

Navigating the Regulatory Environment

The payment processing sector is heavily regulated with requirements established by organizations like the PCI Security Standards Council. Adhering to these standards is not just recommended; it’s an aspect of maintaining integrity. Failure to comply can lead to penalties such as fines, heightened scrutiny and even the loss of operating licenses.

At Tower Street Insurance, we recognizes these obstacles by providing coverage that addresses compliance fines and legal expenses related to inquiries.

Global Reach: Tower Street Insurance goes beyond boundaries providing coverage worldwide to help international payment processors meet a variety of standards.

Simplified Claims Handling: Enhances the claims process making it simpler for payment processors to handle incidents and uphold requirements.

Customized Protection for Payment Processors: Specifically designed to tackle the challenges and regulatory demands of the payment processing sector.

The Increase of Cybersecurity Threats

As technology progresses cybercriminals are also advancing their tactics. Payment processors constantly face threats, including phishing scams, ransomware attacks and DDoS assaults that aim to disrupt their services. The consequences of these attacks both, in terms of reputation can be immense. Apart from losses the long term effects on customer trust and brand image can be severe.



Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance

Your Digital Protection

Tower Street Insurance offers a Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance policy tailored for the payment processing industry. This policy signifies an approach in how payment processors handle and mitigate risks. It’s more than insurance; it serves as a solution, for managing risks effectively.

Cyber and Technology: Providing protection with a liability cap of up to USD 10 million, safeguards against cyber and tech related risks.
Protection Against PCI DSS Compliance Fines: Offering a limit of up to USD 10 million for PCI DSS compliance fines. Ensuring that financial stability is not compromised by penalties.
Security Against Crimes: With a sublimit of up to USD 250,000 for losses, an additional layer of financial security.

Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance

Understanding Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance

At Tower Street Insurance, our deep understanding of Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance ensures your business is safeguarded against the digital era’s evolving risks. Here’s how we stand out:

Tailored Coverage: We personalize insurance solutions to fit your unique needs, offering protection against the specific risks your business faces in its operations.

Evolving Threat Landscape: Our team continuously updates our strategies and policies to counteract the latest cyber threats, ensuring your business stays protected against cyberattacks, data breaches, and more.

Technology Liability Expertise: We cover technology-related liabilities, including errors in software development and system failures, safeguarding your business against significant financial and reputational damage.

Regulatory Compliance Support: Our policies include coverage for fines and legal defenses related to data protection and privacy laws, helping you navigate complex regulatory requirements.

Proactive Risk Management: Beyond insurance, we offer Reflex Risk Management Services to identify and mitigate potential risks, enhancing your business’s cybersecurity posture.

Client-Centric Approach: Tower Street Insurance is committed to exceptional service, offering comprehensive coverage, expert advice, and support that aligns with your business’s growth and success in the digital age.


Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance

Contact Our cyber & liability Insurance Team

Choose Tower Street Insurance for a partnership that understands Cyber & Technology Liability Insurance, ensuring your business is prepared and protected for the future. In addition, to our expertise in cyber liability insurance coverage we offer a range of insurance products tailored to suit the needs of our clients, including directors & officers liability workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial risk management services and client advocacy.

Whether your PAC is advocating for change in cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Southlake or else nationwide Tower Street Insurance is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of media risks and more.

When you need our help, give Tower Street Insurance a call at 469-788-8888 or click here to make an appointment today.



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