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At Tower Street Insurance, we go beyond being an insurance provider. We pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in navigating the world of telecommunications risks. Our primary goal is to equip your business with insurance solutions that cover all aspects of your network operations from cabling to towers.

We accomplish this by doing a full gap analysis of your current insurance, risk management, and loss prevention program. We review every endorsement on your current policies, the contracts you have in place, and the unique exposures presented by your operations. No matter what you’re passionate about, we’re here to protect your passion. And we’re passionate about protecting your business and your family.

Protection for Every Tower, Every Cable, Every Innovation: At Tower Street Insurance, we don’t just offer policies; we become partners who truly understand the telecommunications landscape and are fully dedicated to safeguarding your ventures.

Take the Step Today: Reach out to Josh Gaby to discuss your insurance requirements. Discover how our comprehensive support can contribute to the growth and stability of your business.

Examples of Customers We Have Partnered With:
Tower erector companies
Wireless communication companies
Telecommunication companies
Cabling companies
Tower safety companies
Radio equipment and communication companies
Tower utility and infrastructure companies

Tailored Coverage for Telecommunications Industry Leaders and Innovators

As an agent familiar with the telecommunications industry, we provide personalized service and valuable insights to protect what you have worked hard to build.

We prioritize your financial stability. Our team thoroughly assesses your insurance plan to avoid any gaps that could lead to losses, ensuring you have coverage for every scenario.

Coverage for Business Property and Liability: You can secure property limits of up to $500 million and general liability coverage of up to $1 million, with the possibility of increasing these amounts based on your risk profile.

Comprehensive Protection for Technology and Telecom: Whether it’s product liability or cyber risks, our insurance offerings provide coverage of up to $10 million to safeguard your company against unforeseen events.

Going Beyond the Basics: Through our partnerships with cable insurance companies, we offer coverages such as environmental protection and errors & omissions coverage, with limits reaching up to $25 million.

Has your current agent discussed the following issues with you?

How do your contracts with customers fit within your insurance program?

Part of our process is to read through your contracts from an insurance perspective to ensure you are covered properly in addition to getting needed limits.

Do you transport the material or goods of others?

We find that our customers’ limits for goods in transit are usually less than adequate, and we provide a solution to fix it.

Are you missing out on new business contracts due to not being able to get high enough limits?

We can provide unique coverage situations and pricing to help increase limits if needed to land your next large contract.

Do you use subcontractors? If so, does your policy truly protect your business if there is a claim due to a subcontractor?

We make sure that our policies protect how your business operates and will make sure that if you are using subcontractors that you are protected.

If your equipment was to break down, how much would that effect your business?

We will make sure that your business has proper coverage for equipment breakdown as well as business income interruption within some loss scenarios.

Do you complete work out of state?

Certain workers’ compensation programs limit coverage for work out of the state of Texas. We will evaluate your need and ensure your employees are protected wherever they are working.

Policy Inclusions

With some of our partner carriers, such as NAICO, AMERISAFE, Philadelphia, CNA, Sompo International, Chubb, and Hanover, you may be eligible for the following comprehensive coverage and significant capacity across all lines of business offered to the telecommunication and tower market:

Property – up to $500M in limits
General Liability – $1M limit, can increase based on risk
Product Liability – up to $10M (based on risk)
Workers’ Compensation – statutory limits
Umbrella & Excess (excluding PCO and Prof.) – up to $50M
Environmental – $25M
Errors & Omissions (E&O) – $10M
Cyber – $10M
Inland Marine- Up to needed for risk

Safeguarding Your Innovation and Reputation: Let us provide you with custom insurance solutions that precisely protect your needs, ensuring the safety of your innovations and maintaining your company’s reputation.

Balancing Risk and Reward: Collaborate with us to find the protection that balances your risks effectively, helping you save money while securing a future for your organization.


Connect with Our Industry Leader, Josh Gaby

Tower Street Insurance specializes in telecommunications and tower insurance coverage for customers in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Southlake, and other cities that we serve throughout the United States. We also offer insurance coverage for directors & officers, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial risk management service, and client advocacy. When you need our help, give Tower Street Insurance a call at 469-788-8897 or click here to make an appointment today.

Efficient Communication and Assistance: Our unwavering commitment to delivering service excellence means we are always here to support you, simplifying processes so that you can focus on excelling in what you do.

24/7 Support as Your Advocate: We work tirelessly as your advocate, covering all aspects of employee, client, and customer protection. Rest assured knowing that we are always there to ensure peace of mind across the board.



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