Trade Contractors

Trade Contractors

Insurance for Construction & Special Trade Contractors in Dallas

In order to manage the challenges associated with creating a building, contractors must have adequate insurance coverage in a wide variety of areas, including special trade contractors who do unique work that most others cannot perform. It is essential to cover these contractors for possible job-related injuries and other issues. That is why Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management provides custom-tailored tailored insurance coverage for these specialized craftsmen in Frisco, Celina, Allen, Argyle, University Park, and other cities that we serve.

At Tower Street, we insure businesses in a wide variety of industries, including adjustment & collection services, prefabricated buildings & components insurance, oil & gas insurance, general contractors insurance, and more. We’re constantly asking ourselves how we can be better. We cover many diverse industries, and all are supported with national practice expertise. Call us today at 972-472-2040 to learn more or click here to make an appointment today!

Trade Contractors

Risks & Coverages for Specialty Contractors by Tower Street Insurance

At Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management, we provide insurance that covers your physical assets and financial liabilities for many different risks and scenarios in specialized industries. From the building to the equipment and the workers, we find coverage that fits your needs and your price point. Depending on the size of your business, and your unique occupational risks, we may recommend coverage for:


General Liability

General Liability

We help you cover the cost of defending yourself against accusations in court, as well as pay for judgments and out-of-court settlements up to the limits of your coverage. Our team can help you determine how much general liability coverage you may need to protect your financial assets against loss.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation pays for employee medical bills and wage compensation due to workplace injuries, regardless of fault. It is necessary for all businesses that hire one or more employees, regardless of industry. Without it, you could face legal consequences, as well as tremendous financial liabilities if an employee sues you for compensation of damages.

Employee Theft

Employee Theft

You cannot prevent employee theft, even with thorough background checks. You can, however, minimize your vulnerabilities to fraud, forgery, and third-party damages by purchasing special trade contractor insurance.

Excess Liability (Commercial Umbrella Coverage)

Excess Liability (Commercial Umbrella Coverage)

Don’t take chances with your business by under-insuring yourself. Consider purchasing commercial umbrella insurance to provide additional liability protection when a major lawsuit drains the available coverage in your primary liability insurance policy. Umbrella policies can provide millions of dollars in added protection to cover legal fees, judgments, settlements, and more.
Trade Contractors

Trust Us for the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Unique Business in Dallas & Houston

We highly recommend protecting your business with a special trade contractor policy from Tower Street Insurance & Risk Management in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. Our program is designed specifically to meet the special needs of contracting businesses. Written under a business owner policy, it provides commercial general liability protection for legal liability exposures unique to your business. It also offers business property protection at a competitive rate. We also offer policies for homeowners, family offices, secondary homes, ranches, and more! For more information, call 972-472-2040 or click here to make an appointment today!



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